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Do you have a good deal of common sense and the ability to use it creatively and resourcefully? Are you fascinated by that discovery called electricity, which is undeniably the source of energy for a multitude of applications? Do you want to use this energy creatively while at the same time earning your livelihood? Then, the Electrician course of one year duration, will prepare you to be a professional electrician, from the day you step out of Don Bosco Vocational Training Institute.
As a professional electrician, you can decide to be either employed in industry, or you can decide to be self-employed as a wire-man, an electrical contractor, an electrical home appliances technician, security systems installation technician or as a solar photo-voltaic panel installation technician. To cap it all, if you assimilate our the human values which the management and staff tries to infuse into every student of every course, you will be an honourable technician with human values which your customers will cherish most in you.
The employment opportunities for an electric technician are vast, as the various branches of this sector have developed globally, thereby creating a plethora of opportunities.
At Don Bosco VTI, Quepem, we spend much time in providing detailed skill training to the students of the Electrician course through theory and practical implementation of theory. 80% of training time is spent on practical work related to the theoretical knowledge which they receive. Projects are undertaken to create confidence while working, and much importance is given to international procedures which are used for maintenance. We adhere to International methods of wiring, maintenance and documentation.
While youth who have completed their 9th standard in a high school are admitted for the electrician course, there have also been degree and diploma engineers who have attended the same course with the purpose of honing their theoretical knowledge, with intensive working skills in order to give a direction to their lives.